N Brown-Hernandez

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Sticker Lathe

Collage Work

collection of handmade collages


A live coding language made for classrooms


Documentary about father's past

To Marsh

In collaboration w @its.allegra, we built an interactive website focused on nurturing the difference of meaning, experiences and creative expressions resulting from our visits to the land currently known as Cootes Paradise. the site contains illustrations, propositions, interactive web art, video and electroacoustic poems. Source code on github


open source and modular method of converting analog resistances to digital floats using a raspberry pi. At home performance - "Chambre Orchestra" measures voltages of plants as they are being watered to then send midi data over local network to control digital instruments

Slit Stitch

Virtual Slit Scanning environment using Pure Data & Python

Wave Dash

Audio tool coded in Python and Pure Data, to calculate and sonify pendulum wave machine patterns